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GLOBAL – Apps are becoming a part of our everyday lives, with more and more of us downloading them in increasing amounts. But what does your app use say about you? Do you download only games, or finance apps? Whatever it is you’re into, you’ll fall into one of six categories, called your Appitype. Read on, to find out what your Appitype is.

Apps are here, and here to stay. We all use them, from working out how much of a tip to leave a waiter or to finding your way to the toilets at a music festival. But what’s interesting is that the type of apps you use, say an awful lot about your personality, research suggests. It can become the modern day equivalent of browsing through a friend’s bookshelf to see what it says about them.

Nokia, with the help of Professor Trevor Pinch, professor of science and technology studies at Cornell University, New York, analysed over 5,000 smartphone users in ten countries to determine how apps are changing our lives and what that says about the individuals using them.

Professor Pinch believes that we have become “app dependent” and goes on to say:

Apps are becoming intrinsic to the way we live, our relationship with them has turned from just occasional use into a real reliance on them. It is because of this that our personal app ‘collections’ represent our unique needs, personality and interests. We can learn much about a person’s behavior via a mix of their choice of apps, personality variables, use variables and competence variables.

According to the research from Nokia, 55 per cent of smartphone users surveyed believe apps benefit their lives while at home (33 per cent), travelling (19 per cent) or at work (13 per cent). Furthermore, the research also indicated that it is not about the number of apps people have, but about finding ones that are the most useful. More than 70 per cent of users surveyed have up to 30 apps on their smartphones, with 20 per cent saying that they delete all similar apps from their handset if they hear about a better one.

The studies also found that our app use not only helps show our own personality, but that of our own nation or country. This can begin to assist us in having a better understanding of what content people want around the world. Some examples stemming from the research include that people from India prefer business-focused apps, while people in Brazil are huge fans of music. so much so that 42 per cent of Brazilians download music apps.

Professor Pinch has summarised the different types of personalities into six main archetypes called, Appitypes. From energetic and passionate people to kind-hearted and sensitive ones – all relating to how people use apps.

Appthusiasts are energetic and passionate. They are social creatures who like to know about the latest trends. They are curious, spontaneous and enjoy being involved in many different kinds of pursuits.

They are hard-working, energetic and productive. They have a lot of contacts, are tech savvy, and know how to make their technology serve them best. They’re conventional and prefer data management, numerical and organisational pursuits.

Live Wires
Live Wires are active, down to earth people who enjoy technical, outdoor and athletic pursuits. Clever and investigative, they’re sociable, have lots of friends and often seek new experiences and adventure, relishing any challenge.

These people are creative and imaginative. The Creator may be a loner or a team player, but when they socialise they often find themselves the life of the party. A natural storyteller who is warm and enthusiastic will not only rely on the creative capabilities of their mobile but often use social networking sites as well.

The Connector is personable, confident and curious. They have an uplifting and motivating personality with an extraordinary knack for making friends and acquaintances in the online and/or real world. They have a collection of apps that they have used again and again – often carrying fun apps on their phone and apps that may be useful to others.

The Apprentice is sensitive, kind-hearted and independent. They’re inquisitive and clever with a solid circle of friends and a select group of pursuits that they are passionate about. Apprentices are interested in downloading apps but don’t know where to start

So what Appitype are you? To find out, you can log onto the Ovi Blog page and take the quiz. You’ll be given a title as to what Appitype you are, as well as an avatar that best depicts your Appitype. Let us know your results, below.