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NAIROBI, Kenya – Who will be the next billion mobile phone users and what will they require from their devices? A large proportion of them are likely to be Africans. There are 53 countries in the continent and over 800 million people. But for those on the ground in Africa, Nokia has an important role to play which isn’t just about connecting the next billion, it’s also about seeking ways to make mobile phones serve local needs, enhancing daily lives through innovation and unearthing some surprising new ideas to practical problems. Read on to discover more.

Eyes on Africa is a series of four films to help explain some of the work Nokia is up to in Africa that you may not be so familiar with. We’re posting the first two today and the remainder tomorrow.

The first film is an introduction to Nokia’s work in Africa, and the ways in which they seek to create locally relevant solutions to knit with local culture, communities and entrepreneurs.

The second film is about using mobiles to empower communities. Around 70 per cent of Africans belong to special groups called Merry-go-rounds. These groups meet regularly to share traditions, knowledge and help each other. They also form the basis of saving schemes which offer the only way a lot of unbanked people are able to get credit. How can mobile phones help? Watch the video in order to find out.

Tomorrow, look forward to a possible solution for communities that don’t even have a phone signal and how Nokia is working with Africa’s developer community to build business success stories.

What did you think of today’s videos?