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February 3, 2011

Our final N8 Producers day…

There are only 22 days left until a Zero-G flight takes off from Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida. On that plane will be 8 lucky winners of the N8 Producers contest and 8 of their friends. They will enjoy several minutes of Zero-G travel in a plane nicknamed “the vomit comet” by the astronauts who use it for training before going into space!

That trip in “the vomit comet” will be a reward for producing some of the best videos ever captured on a mobile device, taking advantage of the amazing 12mp camera and Carl Zeiss optics on the Nokia N8.

So far we have seen over 100 entries to the contest and the quality has been awesome!

This week a couple have stood out as being very interesting, making innovative use of a basketball and a Pogo Stick…

Just amazing!

Basketball freestyle:

We have seen a few great football freestlye entries to N8 Producers over recent weeks but this one puts a slightly different “spin” on things (excuse the poor pun!)

So which was your favourite? Have you entered yourself? Let us know in the comments…

Oh and if you’re planning to enter then don’t forget that entries close at midnight (GMT) on Sunday night!