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GLOBAL – For those of you who listen to our amazing weekly podcast (and it is *AMAZING*), you’ll know we’re giving away a red 16″ Angry Birds plush toy to one lucky listener. According to the Angry Birds’ website, these big toys aren’t shipping until March, so you’ll get beaks on this early.

It’s been sitting on my desk, waiting for a new home…leaving droppings all over the place. And I’ve taught it to speak. Curse Words. In Finnish.

For those who don’t listen to our amazing weekly podcast (SHAME ON YOU!), here’s how you can win this very angry bird:

1. All you need to do is answer three Angry Birds questions. Podcast host, Dan McGrath, made them super easy.
2. One question is at the end of each of the past three podcasts. Listen now: Question #1, Question #2, and Question #3.
3. Send your answers to by 12:00 GMT tomorrow. We’ll select one winner at random and announce it on this week’s podcast.

Good luck!