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February 7, 2011

Push Snowboarding Dataset Release

Following the series of Push Snowboarding R&D videos we featured, detailing work behind the collaboration between Nokia Push and Burton Snowboards, the team are about to open up the project to you.

At the recent alpha tests at the Burton European Open in Switzerland, Push Snowboarding captured data straight from snowboarders, that used to be invisible. Now, not only are they showing us the data they’ve captured visualised over video of the rides below, they’re releasing all of the datasets for you to help shape the future of the project!

Head over to the Push Snowboarding website and you can download run data from some of the best riders in the world, video of the runs to contextualise the data, and the complete source code for the Nokia N8 Push Snowboarding application to play with. Get downloading!

From cool new apps to data visualisations to installations, the Push Snowboarding team are interested in the most creative uses of the data. There’s no limits here, let your imagination run wild! Some of the ideas that the Push community have already come up with are great, but now’s your turn to show what’s possible! What about developing a social network for snowboarders, an application that helps you improve your snowboard skills by using the pressure sensors to measure the time you’ve spent on your heels and toes or a crazy way of displaying the data-streams over video.

Plus, the team will be exhibiting a few of their favourite creations at the Burton US Open event in March.

Check the Push Snowboarding website for more info, and to download the datasets, visit the Developer Centre . Want to tell your friends? Feel free to tweet this using @NokiaPush or #PushSnowboarding or join Nokia Push on Facebook.