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GLOBAL – We like to think we work hard on Nokia Conversations, to bring you all the latest Nokia news from around the world. Do we deliver, do we fall short or would you like to see us report on other things on Nokia’s official blog? We want to know. Help us find out about you – and us – in our reader survey.

And there’s prizes!

For five randomly chosen people who take part in our survey, not only do you get to help us make this a more interesting place for when you come to visit, you also get a Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit. For people who like to cycle to work or even just on the weekends for keeping fit, this little piece of kit is a great way to keep your phone from running flat and ending up powerless. Attaching the dynamo to the wheel of your bike and plugging your phone in, keeps your phone charging for as long as you keep your wheels moving.

image credit: dotbenjamin