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February 8, 2011

Push N8: Kite Flying in Hawaii

“What did you get? A tomahawk missile?!”

So said the postman on delivering the huge Push N8 crate.

The truth is the box contained something much cooler…

  • 2 Nokia N8’s
  • A Nokia N8 KAP rig
  • A line and a winder
  • A Rokkaku kite

Cut to Polulu Valley, famous for its windy weather, making it the perfect location for kiting.

After tuning the kite (yes, kites need tuning apparently!) and making sure the phone-to-rig communication was working, Tom Benedict used his technical wizardry to capture some awesome aerial shots. Take a look at them all in his N8 KAP Testing flickr album.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Push N8 project!