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February 9, 2011
Lumia Voices

Social Media Week: our five favourite social apps

GLOBAL – It’s Social Media Week, so what better way to keep connected than with a bunch of social apps on your Nokia phone. If you’ve not got into social networking on your phone yet, we’re here to point you in the right direction to get you started. Here’s our five favourite social apps.

Nimbuzz, £Free

If you’re connected to a variety of different social networks, you’ll find logging into each different app can be a drain on your time, your phones resources and your patience. Nimbuzz aggregates all the popular instant messaging services and social networks into one app. So users of Skype, Facebook, Yahoo!, AIM and all the other popular sites, will be able to chat to each other from one app.

Gravity, £8.00

Tweeple – that’s people who use Twitter – who like to constantly update their friends or followers with their daily goings-on, need some way to do it. Gravity pulls in your friends updates, and lets you publish your 140 character message to the world, along with any image you want too with image support to TwitPic, MobyPicture, TwitGoo and Posterous. You can also set up your Facebook, Foursquare, StatusNet and Google Reader accounts, too.

Foursquare, £Free

If you’re into moving around town and visiting new places then Foursquare may be the app for you. Using the GPS hardware of your phone, you can pinpoint you exact location to Check-In, telling your friends on Facebook or Twitter where you are. The more you check into certain places, the more points you earn, gradually earning badges as a type of reward for frequenting a place. Checking in to certain establishments can even see you earning a free cup of coffee, or something.

Snaptu, £Free

Snaptu rounds-up all your social networks and puts them in one basket. As do many other apps of this type. But it does something different. It also stores other apps, so you can read the latest news from the BBC or check the latest weather from AccuWeather, switching back to Facebook to post that status update.

Social, £Free and built-in

Social is a built-in client on most new Nokia smartphones. Connecting you to Facebook and Twitter, it can sync your online friends with the ones in your phonebook, meaning you’ll see their photo and status update right from within the contacts list. Post your updates to both accounts at the same time, and even attach a photo from your phone’s camera or gallery, meaning there’s no doing anything twice.

Make the most of Social Media Week and connect with your friends today.

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