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GLOBAL – Nokia’s plans to create a global mobile ecosystem in partnership with Microsoft opens up great opportunities for both companies to deliver a compelling and differentiated ecosystem on the Windows Phone platform. But there’s an opportunity that can get overlooked in the race to deliver the next killer smartphone: More than three billion people still do not have a mobile phone. And of those who do, the vast majority have SMS but no Web browser. This is where Nokia’s Mobile Phone strategy comes in.

In brief

  • Series 40 vital in emerging markets
  • Affordable QWERTY phones
  • Services via SMS crucial
  • Nokia ready to connect the next billion

Today marks a renewed approach to capture volume and value growth to connect the “next billion” mobile users. By delivering compelling and affordable mobile experiences, especially in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and Africa, Nokia continues to play a role to bring more people into the benefits of the information age.

Nokia is meeting this opportunity by selling over a million Series 40 handsets every day. As the world’s largest volume mobile platform, Series 40 continues is vital in bringing affordable Web access and applications to millions in emerging markets.

Nokia is renewing its mobile phone product portfolio to stay competitive in these key markets. The wide range of handsets includes mobile phones at competitive prices with great design, affordable QWERTY and desired features. The Nokia C3 was a huge hit and enabled Nokia to lead the emerging QWERTY market. In addition, we are offering another affordable QWERTY in the Nokia X2-01, an affordable 3G device in the Nokia C2-01, and touch and type devices such as the X3 continue to sell well.

In growth economies, our evolving mobile phones and services strategy will be the catalyst for the next billion to the web with web apps and proxy browsing and deliver localized, personal, financial and location-based services on mobile phones. In addition, we will deliver services to mobile phones that are not connected to the web via SMS.

Series 40 presents opportunities for developers, with enhanced java support and new SDKs, while the new planned Ovi Browser service will bring cheaper, better and faster browser experiences to consumers. By investing in future assets that deliver affordable, highly competitive and consumer-focused mobile experience to the traditional Series 40 consumer, Nokia will deliver the best low-cost devices that deliver the richest experiences and applications that consumers will love.

With smartphones and mobile phones, Nokia’s reach wraps around the entire globe. Nokia is ready to connect the next billion.

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