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February 11, 2011

N8 Producers – Winners 5-8!

The final four N8 Producer winners are in!

These very talented individuals take the remaining winners spots in our N8 Producers competition, and with it four seats on a Zero-G flight!

Let’s take a look at their entries…


Entry: Lapsed

N8 Producer: Ian Wallace

Lapsed… from Iain W on Vimeo.

Every second of the 11 hours and 13 minutes of footage went into making this 2:28 second video was worth it. Ian Wallace, using his own QT based app ‘Lapsed’ uses the time capture element to fantastic effect!

Entry: My Nokia N8 Experience

N8 Producer: Bastien Roger

MY NOKIA N8 EXPERIENCE from Bastien ROGER on Vimeo.

Sleek footwork amongst some awesome stunts makes this video stand out from the crowd. Mix that in with a great soundtrack and we’ve got a winner!

Entry: Nokia N8 Jingle

N8 Producer: Andrew Kesler

Here’s an incredibly catchy jingle if ever I heard one. Andrew Kesler’s A Cappella ‘Nokia N8 Jingle’ plays like that of a Professionals!


N8 Producer: Treb Monteras II

FRANK DA CRANK – A NOKIA N8 FILM from Treb Monteras II on Vimeo.

Filmed on the streets of Manila, everything about this video fits into place. From the funky wardrobe, to the graffitti clad location and finally the slick dancing moves, FRANK DA CRANK has it all!

Don’t forget there’s still room for one more winner! – The video that has the most ‘likes’ of any of the videos on the N8 Producer page will  win the final seat on the Zero-G flight! The ninth winner will be announced on Saturday based on the number of likes, so make your way over and like your favourites!