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February 13, 2011

N8 Producers – Full winners list…including the 9th winner!

We now have the full list of winning entries into N8 Producers! (Cue big applause and wolf whistles).

9th and final winner!

We may know who our final 8 winners are, but we’re yet to find out who the final seat on the Zero-G flight has gone to. Our ninth winners, who achieved the most likes on the N8 Producers site as of Friday went to…

Entry: Bike my Day

N8 Producer: Jurica Barac

Congratulations Jurica, some amazing first-person camera shots in there!

Thank you!

Whether it was a sumptuous soundtrack, funky footwork or some cinematic genius that would make Martin Scorsese weak at the knees, each entry will now pluck its director and one of their friends, from wherever they currently are in the globe, to Cape Canaveral, USA on a Zero Gravity experience!

While we congratulate the 9 winners, we would also like to give a special mention to the massive contribution that EVERYONE who submitted an entry made. The standard was quite exceptional and quality of content a real joy to watch – and let’s remember, this was all created on a mobile phone. Awesome!!!

We’ve had our fair share of highlights working on N8 Producers. Working with the amazing talent in creating the N8 Producers launch video was a delight – Rock Climbing, Ice Skating and Skateboarding to name but a few of the great filming subjects that made up the launch video.

A personal highlight was watching all the content that came through though – each video had its own slant and unique characteristics that made them all great fun to watch. So, ff you haven’t already done so – take a look at some of the amazing content that was submitted, there are some real gems in there!

Best is yet to come!

Remember, all is not over – the Zero-G experience with the Nokia N8 takes place in under two weeks time now so there’s more to come from #N8Productions as we’ll be capturing what I’m sure will be some ‘out of this world’ footage. Stay tuned!