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BARCELONA, Spain – Nokia CTO Rich Green talks to Conversations readers about the futures of Qt, MeeGo and Symbian. With 150 million more Symbian devices planned for the next year, there’s still lots of work to be done in providing a great user experience for current Symbian users and for new owners. Plus ongoing suport for developers.

Nokia plans to ship 150 million Symbian devices over the next year, which is no small number, so developers will still have plenty of opportunity to reach 150 million extra people. Qt and QML is still very much alive and as Rich Green states “It is healthy and long lived, period”, with these platforms being used in MeeGo, with one of these devices being shipped this year.

Rich Green talks about the future of Symbian.

Rich Green talks about the future of MeeGo.

Rich Green talks about the future of Qt.

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