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February 18, 2011

Check out Foursquare for S40, and check in

GLOBAL – Using location-based services is normally only reserved for high-end smartphones. Not any more, though. You can now check-in to your favourite bar, tell your friends where you’re going to be for the day or find a new venue for the night. Foursquare is now available for S40 powered phones, thanks to the team at Nokia Beta Labs.

Created in Java, this version of Foursquare works on most Series 40 Nokia phones to allow the millions of users using S40 to tell the world where they are, using the device’s built-in GPS. [UPDATE] If you have a Series 40 phone without GPS built-in, your location is calculated using the cell-id info from your network to give you an estimated location, using the map in the app you can fine tune your location even further.

Telling your friends your latest news – via a status update – on your Facebook or Twitter seems to be a normal thing to do these days. Adding a location to that status update, makes it ever more real, as it not only tells people “This bar rocks!”, it also tells them exactly what bar you’re in, so your friends can come and join you, if they wish.

Checking into places is not only a bit of fun, but it can be rewarding too. Some bars, restaurants or cinemas offer special rewards for people that check in to their venue, like a free coffee or pizza. It might only be a free pizza, but all you have to do is check in to receive it. Easy stuff.

Matti Vesterinen explains Foursquare for Series 40.


  • Shout
  • Check in
  • Venueless check in (“check in here anyway”)
  • Search places
  • Add place
  • Recent checkins from friends
  • User info
  • Manage friend requests
  • And more to come…

Currently, testing has been carried out on the Nokia 5310, 6600 Fold, 7230, C3-00, C3-01 and the X3-02. But that doesn’t mean to say it won’t work on any other S40 phone, but be aware that as this app is in Nokia Beta Labs, it’s an experimental one.

The team at Nokia Beta Labs want your feedback, so do let them know if you’d like to see any features added or if there are any problems you encounter. Download Foursquare for S40 from Nokia Beta Labs today, and let us know what you think of it.