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GLOBAL – In addition to their main presentations, CEO Stephen Elop and EVP of Smart Devices Jo Harlow answered a bunch of questions last week from the press. Is Nokia OK with Windows Phone being available on other manufacturers’ devices? Is Nokia threatened by BlackBerry? How might Ovi Store work alongside the Microsoft Marketplace? These and many more questions, answered. To make navigation quicker and easier, we’ve once again created a partial transcript to guide you to the right place.

Q&A – Video one

00:01 What will you do this year to bring customers back to Nokia, and what will you do to bring them in the coming years?

02:00 Which is better for Nokia? Windows Phone 7 that still has Samsung, HTC and LG involved or a Windows Phone that is only Nokia?

03:46 You were talking about wars, the apps are the ammo of these wars, nowadays. Microsoft is going to be taking care of their own developers, what is Nokia’s position for their own developers they’ve had for so many years in terms of Symbian, Qt, and in terms of the future?

06:17 With Microsoft backing, will that fend off Nokia and Apple patent wars, because you two have been at each others necks for a while, where as Apple traditionally hasn’t gone after anyone with Microsoft backing.

07:16 What does this strategic alliance portend for the possibility that Microsoft could buy Nokia?

09:41 The MeeGo developer community would like to know about your commitment to MeeGo, can you give me an idea in euros how much development you are going to put behind them in the next year?

09:58 You keep talking about the three-horse race, so do you not feel threatened by Blackberry, especially when it comes to the enterprise market?

10:56 What are the new handsets you can show us tonight, and what’s the message to the customers?

12:35 For businesses that have to decide today which platform to use for this year and the next three years, which platform should they use?

13:33 Can you please talk some more about the Ovi Store working alongside the Microsoft market?

Q&A – Video two

00:00 continued from video one

00:32 When exactly are we to expect first Nokia smarthpones with Windows Phone 7, and there is an ongoing marketing campaign for Nokia N8 in Poland, is it going to end or is it going to still proceed with these marketing campaigns?

03:01 In your presentation you spoke about the employees of Nokia rallying behind your new vision, can you talk about Friday’s walk out and how the switch to Windows Phone 7 will affect the company internally?

06:25 I’d like to address Ovi Store and Ovi Services, on behalf of Nokia users, in the tsunami wave that followed from the announcement of the alliance of Microsoft, our members in our forums were wondering about apps, paid content from Ovi Store. Will it work on a new Windows Phone device? Ovi Share? What’s going on as there is a confusion with these services.

08:13 You mentioned a significant monetary value transfer from Microsoft to Nokia, could you clarify if that’s actually money being paid for services or is this a monetary value transfer that you say this is what we get out of it?

09:16 Could you tell details on timeline, areas, departments and countries where there will be any restructuring and there are reports saying you are the 7th largest share holder of of Microsoft but you don’t own Nokia shares. Can you clarify this situation and if you think it’s creating any instability? [NB. A week is a long time].

12:07 Are you a Trojan Horse?

13:05 Can you clarify the transfer of value, the transfer in the billions, can you just comment if that’s a Net or a Gross number?

CEO Stephen Elop signs off, with thanks to the audience.

As we explained in Nokia Press Conference. bite-size yesterday, these aren’t actual quotes, so don´t treat them as such. We recommend you point the video to the right timestamp for more details.

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