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GLOBAL – Last week we took a look at what Windows Phone currently offers and what we’re looking forward to seeing in the future releases. As we often do, we asked you to tick some boxes in our poll to find out what you’re looking forward to, and here are the results.

The single answer winning most of your votes is a Unique UI. 22 per cent are keen for a fresh, new look and feel that’s very different from current Nokia devices.

It seems that at least 13.28 per cent of you are gamers, as many of you hope to see Xbox games available on your mobile phone in the future. We’ve all seen mobile gaming increase over the past couple of years, imagine the possibilities if you could take your Xbox with you onto the train.

With lots of people using a Windows PC at home and in the office, it makes sense that your phone can seamlessly connect to it, so Windows desktop integration received 8.9 per cent of the votes. It would be pretty cool if you could do some work on your phone while out-and-about, and just have your PC take over when you get into work, with a lot less fuss.

Rolling out new software updates regularly is what makes us – as consumers – feel that the platform is ever evolving. Rapid update schedule took 8.5 per cent of your votes, showing that we want updates, regularly.

Receiving 7.7 per cent is Internet Explorer 9, with the promise of a Higher resolution screen close behind with 7.4 per cent.

Just over six per cent of you would like to see Integrated Outlook on your Windows Phone and nearly three per cent would like have Silverlight.

The alternative results were also interesting, as always, with a selection of voters pressing the Other option and either typing in some words we couldn’t possibly post here or just repeating the same answers we had already asked for in the poll. However, in the interests of transparency…

With 22 and a half per cent per cent, Other answer received the most votes. Within this other answer were another 100 categories so there’s quite a lot of dilution with lots of opinion. From this 22 per cent, a third agreed that Windows Phone was not what they wanted, period. MeeGo received just over eight per cent and Symbian just under eight per cent, with Qt receiving 4.8 per cent of this Other option. USB-OTG and Ovi Maps took around three per cent, but strangely the Blue Screen Of Death received just over two percent. We’re not sure why you would want that as a feature, but you voted for it.

Thanks again for all the people who took part in our poll, your opinions and thoughts have been noted and we’re hoping this goes on to create a great user experience with Windows Phone. Nine out of ten current users would recommend the operating system, according to Microsoft, but let’s trust we can make that 10/10 in the future.

If you’ve got any thoughts on this poll, let us know below.