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BARCELONA, Spain – On the first day of Mobile World Congress, Nokia held a Developer Day. Given the previous week’s announcements, it’s not surprising that a lot of focus was placed on what Nokia’s strategy plans meant for developers. Nokia CTO Rich Green presented a keynote entitled ‘Nokia’s Three-Year Ecosystem Vision’ to help give developers the information they’ll need to be successful over this period. And now you can watch it right here.

The presentation, along with its Q&A session, is divided into four parts. In total, there’s around 45 minutes of video here, so make a cup of tea before you get started!

In the first part, Rich explains some more of the rationale for the planned Microsoft partnership, and what’s likely to happen over the next three years, this time from the perspective of how developers might benefit. A key take-away is that developing for Symbian is still absolutely a profitable path:

In the second video, there’s very positive talk about the forthcoming MeeGo device, described as “the successor to the N900”, the future of Qt and Series 40. Plus the key role that cloud computing will play in the evolution of mobile applications:

Video number three introduces Matt Bencke from Microsoft, who joins Rich for a Q&A session from the developers at the event. Questions focus on support for Qt, Java and the Windows development tools going forward.

In the last video from the session, the questions and answers continue, with questions on the future of services, more on MeeGo and Matt finishes with four points to summarise the position.

We’re not programmers here on Conversations, so we can’t really answer technical questions, but if you have any more general observations on the content of these videos, do share them in the comments.