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GLOBAL – Today is Friday, which means it’s time to browse through the World Wide Web and look at what  other blog owners are saying. Seeing as there’s still lots of talk about the big news, we’ll keep on topic and take you through some other sites that are offering their opinion on the matter, find out what’s being said in this week’s Pick and Mix.

  • Daniel Maycock writes up a story on ZDNet entitled, Microsoft and Nokia – better for everyone. He details how Nokia excels in making affordable smartphones, while Microsoft has great brand recognition and the familiarity of the Windows platform will make it easy for people to use Windows Phone.
  • Time for Plan B? What’s that then? Ben Smith over at Wireless Worker talks about the theoretical plan B which turned out to be a hoax last week, and exhorts people to “stop pedalling backwards”.
  • The deal between Nokia and Microsoft is a risky one, but it could work, according to Louis E. Frenzel of Mobile DevDesign. Louis thinks a third ecosystem is a good thing, but are Nokia and Microsoft ready to produce it, he asks.
  • Analytics aside, what do some of the developers think that are already creating content for Windows Phone? Keith Andrew from PocketGamer has a whole collection on what developers think about the partnership.
  • In a highly critical post entitled Nokia Autopsy on MeeGo – One last look back, Before we look forward on the New Nokia, Tomi T Ahonen shares his very detailed thoughts and reasons as to why he thinks Nokia decided to partner with Microsoft.

On another note away from the serious stuff above, Nokia is looking for the first Angry Birds champions. In March, Nokia will launch the Angry Birds Championships in eight Finnish cities: Oulu, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Turku, Lempäälä, Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki. The finals will be held on March 26th with the Angry Birds Champion winning a trip to Hollywood for two. Check out for more details. You’ll probably need to speak Finnish, though.

Don’t forget to click through the websites above to get a more thorough view of what they think and do let us know if we missed anything out.