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GLOBAL – For people using a Nokia with Series 40 on-board, you’ll be pleased to know that your web browsing experience should now be improved. The latest Ovi Browser Beta from Ovi Store brings a faster, richer and more enjoyable way of searching for content on the Web, right from your mobile phone.

Upon loading the new Ovi Browser Beta, you’ll notice the start page has a colourful new look, with a collection of popular links that are specific to your country. These links give you one-click access to the most popular sites, such as Twitter, Orkut, IMDB, Yahoo!, Photobucket and Amazon to name only a few.

This new Ovi Browser Beta supports 85 languages and has localised start pages for India, Indonesia, Russia and China at present. Users in the rest of the world will be offered globally popular websites linked to their start page.

You’ll also recall that the Series 40 browser features a proxy server facility which reduces the data rate for page loads by 90 per cent, by using the remote server to pre-process the pages so that they’re optimised for smaller screens. Further extensions to the capabilities of Series 40 devices are a key part of Nokia’s strategy announced on February 11 as it moves to provide mobile devices for the “next billion” users.

If you’ve got a Series 40 powered phone, download Ovi Browser Beta today and let us know what you think of it.