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March 2, 2011

Fruit Ninja – punish that coconut

GLOBAL – What could be more enjoyable than chopping some fruit into a fruit salad? Slicing them virtually with a samurai sword as they come towards hurtling towards you, that’s what. Fruit Ninja is the latest game to hit Ovi Store, so expect your gameplay to get messy, downloadable for the New Symbian devices.

Apparently – according to game creators Halfbrick – all Ninjas hate fruit. So in an effort to rid the planet of this sweet and juicy menace you must take your sword and destroy every last lemon, melon or apple.

There are three levels available; Classic, Zen mode and Arcade Mode. All modes require you to obtain the highest score possible, as is customary with most games, but just hacking and slashing at everything in sight won’t necessarily get you that new high-score.

In Classic mode, you’ve got to slice the fruit as it flies across the screen at random intervals and locations, while making sure you don’t hit the bombs that pop up from time to time. Hit a bomb and it’s game over, let three pieces of fruit leave the screen intact – and again – it’s game over. You’ve got unlimited time in Classic mode but it’s not easy to stay in the game for longer than five minutes.

With Zen mode, you’re on a time limit of 90 seconds to attack all the fruit, fortunately you’ve got no bombs to worry about here, so it’s just about time and precision.

Finally, Arcade mode reduces the time even more and gives you just 60 seconds of game time. With added power ups in the form bananas, Frenzy launches a snowstorm of fruit in front of you, Freeze slows down time allowing you to slash everything on screen with more precision and Double Score is exactly what you’d expect, it multiplies your score by two for a limited time allowing you to really cash in with those points.

A great way of collecting some big points is to slice through three or more fruit with one hack to achieve a combo bonus, there’s also something called a critical bonus although we’re not sure after a fairly brief testing period what it takes to get that. Collecting huge amounts of points doesn’t only feel good, it also unlocks special items such as different sword effects and backgrounds which you’ll find in the Dojo section of the menu.

The controls are simple, your finger acts as the sword and swiping it across the screen will leave a trail of fruit juice splattering over the screen, should you actually hit a fruit of course.

Download Fruit Ninja today (£1 on the UK store) for some juicy, messy fun and let us know what you think of it and your high-scores. Available for Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01.