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March 2, 2011

Push Snowboarding at the US Open

As the Push Snowboarding trip to the Burton US Open approaches, we are struggling to hold back our excitement. The event runs from the 8-13th March, but from 10th March, we’re going to be in the Push Snowboarding tent in the sponsor village with enough cool kit to put a smile on anyone’s face!

It will be the first opportunity for anyone of the public to test out the Push Snowboarding kit! That means anyone can check out the new Push Snowboarding sensor boxes, which have been refined since alpha testing at the Burton European Open. We’ve also got a snowboard simulator that shows how all the kit works, and on the safety of solid ground as well ;).

You can expect plenty of photos and videos of kit testing with the Burton team-riders, live from the event – so for that and everything else, follow our team of bloggers at Push Snowboarding or keep track @NokiaPush and our Facebook group.