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GLOBAL- Last week we created a poll to find out what you’re looking forward to the most with the higher-res screens that would be offered in the Nokia Windows Phone devices. Thanks for all those who lined up at the voting booth, ticked those boxes and slipped the voting slip into the sealed box (all virtually, of course). Let’s now look at the results.

Improved Web browsing experience is what you want the most when using a high-resolution screen, with over 25 per cent nominating. Maybe you want clear, sharp images when flicking through Web pages, or maybe you want to be able to read the morning news with less eye ache? Let us know.

Sharper images comes in a very close second with just under 25 per cent of the votes. So you’ve taken a photo and want to show it off, a high-res screen will make it look better for sure.

With nearly 20 per cent of you ticking the Text in documents easier to read box, a fifth of you would like reading your documents to be less of a struggle, so finishing that report on the way home from work could that little bit easier.

Better graphics in games received 12 per cent, Smoother transitioning between screens received nearly nine per cent and More list items viewable at once took just over seven per cent of your votes.

Nine percent of you want Smoother transitioning between screens, so that when you click a menu key or slide from one homescreen to another, it rolls seamlessly into view.

Over seven per cent think high-res will be better for displaying More list items viewable at once. With more pixels comes more data on the screen at any one time, which means you’ll be able to see more emails for instance without having to scroll down the page.

Other answer… was voted last with around two and a half percent. From this, with 18 per cent, people voted for MeeGo as their other answer, a rather unlikely consequence of getting a high resolution screen. Second on this other list was Better Font, taking nearly nine percent. Joint third in this section, is BSOD will be real sharp!, HD Movies and View more in single shot, all equal with six around per cent.

Thanks again for voting and feel free to tell us your opinion on these results, in the comments below.