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March 4, 2011

Another very special E7 unboxing…!

OK, OK, so I know that jjklee‘s unboxing was shared with all of you earlier on in the week, but here’s another great one from CJ, which is also worth a look…

CJ was the sixth winner of Nokia’s Search for 7 competition, unearthing an elusive limited edition E7 in Delhi last week. The perfect excuse to show it off in a fully fledged unboxing. He has also taken the time to write up his first impressions of the device (hint: he likes it), which serve as a small teaser for the full review he has planned for the coming days.

Anything else? Well, yes, actually. As if taking incredible shots of an unboxed limited edition E7 wasn’t enough, CJ has also documented the experience on video:

Looks good! Have you checked an E7 out yet? Thoughts to @WOMWorldNokia