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GLOBAL – The week draws to a close, but not before we present our weekly list of the posts, links and news tidbits that caught our especial attention on other sites. We don’t care if the sites are big or small, if it’s mobile, useful, quirky or funny, then it can earn a place here.

  • If you’re currently using Mobile Documents for your emails (and you should), then there’s a minor but recommended new release in the beta labs which offers some useful fixes. (UPDATE: It’s also now the latest version in Ovi Store).
  • This new UK ad for the Nokia N8 is pretty inspiring – the story of blind photographer Gary Waite [as posted on Symbian-Freak].
  • Looking for a greener phone? There’s more than 500 in the new GreenGuide listings. Of course, it’s the top 26 that you’ll want to pay most attention to – they’re all Nokia models. And if you’ve already got a new Symbian phone, then GreenGlamGo will help you find eco-friendly fashion.
  • AllAboutSymbian has had a busy week. Steve Litchfield offers three reasons why Symbian is not going away anytime soon. The site also concludes its monster review of the Nokia E7 – and once you’ve finished that, there’s another exhaustive test from GSMarena.
  • TheHandheldBlog spots a new Google Apps browser from the makers of Pixelpipe – ideal if your work takes you between Reader, Mail and Documents on a regular basis.
  • Pocket Lint finds the fan-made Windows Phone 7 advert MS perhaps wishes it had made itself.
  • And finally, US comic genius Conan O’Brien helps out with some new takes on the Nokia ring tone [via. mynokiablog]. All together now: “Hello Finland, Finland’s Awesome, Finland rocks my soul”.

As ever, let us know of any interesting posts we missed in the comments. Note that comments with links are automatically dragged off to the pit of moderation, so please be patient if your contribution fails to appear immediately.