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March 7, 2011

7 signs you are a Nokia fan boy (or girl)

With 1.2 billion Nokia handsets worldwide, it seems that pretty much everyone has once owned a Nokia phone. Hardly surprising then that the Nokia Facebook page is liked by nearly three million people. But how can you tell if you’ve gone from a casual user to a hardcore Nokia lover? Here are seven tell tale signs that you’re a Nokia fan boy (or girl).

You collect vintage Nokia phones

My first Nokia phone was a Nokia 3210. It’s nearly twelve years old and it still works perfectly. Nokia phones are built to last, so it’s only natural you might want to hang onto these functioning pieces of mobile history. But, if you’ve run out of closet space, filled your attic, or need to park your car outside your garage because of your collection, it’s time to start recycling.

You get into Nokia v Apple v Android flame wars on tech blogs

With the exception of religion and politics, nothing seems to excite debate and visceral fighting on a blog the way mobile technology does. Mentioning no names, we all know some blogs are less passionate about Nokia than others. As difficult as it may be to ignore any perceived slights, it’s probably best to remember that restraint is the better part of valour.

You have a Nokia tattoo

Say no more. Only the truly hardcore go down this road.

You enter Nokia competitions and get all the answers right

Last week, we had a competition where you could win a Nokia N8. Creative geniuses that we are, the competition had eight questions. They were not easy. Even if you didn’t win a prize, you sure won our respect.

You point out Nokia phones in movies

Nokia has a long and glorious history of its devices being showcased on the big screen, from the modified Nokia 8110 in Matrix to the Nokia N8 in Tron. Normally they only appear for a few seconds, but when they do, not only do you spot them, you tell the world.


You can’t stop buying Nokia gear for your phone

You got a bundle of accessories when you bought your device, but you find yourself constantly searching for more. Should you get the Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headset with noise cancellation or the Nokia BH-505 for your active lifestyle? The list of possibilities is endless and you want them all.


You still use the Nokia ring tone

There is literally no limit to what you can have as your ringtone these days. Nonetheless, you’re still a loud and proud supporter of the Nokia tune and why not, it’s a beautiful melody. No wonder it’s played 20 000 times a second!

Think of any traits we’ve missed? Boost your fan credentials by commenting below.