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March 9, 2011

Lock up your data – stay safe with five security apps

GLOBAL – Our mobiles are a lot more than just mobile phones. They make phone calls – yes, but they also contain some of the most valuable information we own. Telephone numbers, text messages, photos and even passwords are all stored on these little portable computers, so it’s vital we look after our most prized asset, data. We’ve taken a look through Ovi Store and rounded up five security apps that will hopefully put your mind at ease.

With mobile phones becoming more like computers every day, our want and need to log-on to the internet from our phones is ever increasing. And losing your mobile phone, or having it stolen doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone forever. Our selection of apps below will help you fight off malware when on the Net or even help you to find phone again.

F-Secure Mobile Security, £Free

F-Secure (previously known as Data Fellows) has been providing antivirus products since 1994 for Windows PCs, since then it’s needed to provide security for mobile phones too. This app provides malware protection from dodgy internet sites and blocks them with the Browsing Protection feature, and should you unfortunately lose your phone or have it stolen, you’ll be able to find your phone again with the help of the GPS location feature. It’s free for 7 days, once the trial has expired and you wish to continue to use the service, you’ll be required to purchase a full license from their website, currently costing £29.95.

Kaspersky Mobile Security, £Free

Again, with the ability to locate your phone using GPS if it’s lost or stolen, this proves to be a recurring feature that has began to appear on these types of apps only recently. If your phone has been stolen but you don’t want to risk the information on it falling into the wrong hands, you’ve got the option to remotely block or wipe your device. The Privacy Protection feature lets you hide certain contacts, text messages or call even logs and with Data Encryption you can choose to hide sensitive files or folders too. Another handy tool is that you can block unwanted calls or texts, so you needn’t be bothered by those hoax calls again. The free trial last 30 days, after which a full license will cost £19.99, from their website.

Theft Aware 2.0 Trial Version, £Free

If somebody has stolen your phone, Theft Aware 2.0 makes it very difficult for the thief to get away with it unnoticed. You can send a series of text messages to the phone that will lock it, produce a loud siren noise, display a message on the phone telling the thief that the phone is being tracked by GPS and even wipe the phone if you want to go that far. If they change the sim card, this app will also invisibly send all the details of the thief back to you, so you have evidence should you want to report it to the police. The trial is free, however a full license will cost you £8.00.

Track and Protect, £8.00

Losing your phone to theft is traumatic and inconvenient, Track and Protect uses the GPS of your phone – or the cell ID from the network if GPS isn’t available – to locate your phone. Logging onto the Track and Protect website lets you send the alarm activation to the phone, so the thief will get unwanted attention from anybody near him or her. What’s great about this app, is that you can take a picture of the robber too using the front facing camera that’s built into the phone, giving you unequivocal proof that they had your phone.

MYMobile Protection, £Free

With malware and antivirus protection, MYMobile Protection offers real-time monitoring of your phone activity, protecting your credit card details from being stolen online and allowing you to keep your identity for yourself.

In association with Nokia UK, here’s Ladygeek on a couple of these security apps:

If you’re security conscious or have valuable data you wouldn’t want somebody else to get their hands on, try out our security apps from Ovi Store and let us know what you think, below.

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