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GLOBAL – We’ve got a real mixed bag again in this week’s round-up of what’s cooking on other mobile blogs and websites. There’s Generation Mo – the mobile-only people – and there’s a new threat to the humble stamp. As ever, if there’s interesting links that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments.

  • We’ve been talking about Qt this week. Here’s a great story from the Qt blog of a father and son who put together an original game on a sick day.
  • Are you a hotmail user? Want to set up push email and synchronisation on your Symbian phone? The folk from the hotmail team have made a very clear and easy-to-follow video to show you how.
  • You’ve heard of Generation X. Maybe you’ve heard of Generation Y (aka. millennials). But how about Generation Mo? It’s the rising population of people whose only contact with the Internet is through a mobile phone.
  • Mobile phones are always challenging other media and old ways of doing things. In Sweden, it’s become possible to avoid buying stamps by using an SMS service instead. A sad day for philatelists.
  • We always like it when people come up with cool ideas for Nokia concept phones. Here’s the Nokia E-Cu, which will apparently charge itself from any heat source – even the warmth of your pocket.
  • And finally, we used to like Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian – but look what he’s done to his Nokia E7! Nobody tell the design team.

Any more links to interesting stories about mobile we should include next week? Note that comments with links automatically go into the moderation queue so please be patient.