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GLOBAL – With more talk of the next billion this week and how Nokia are aiming to give people in emerging markets a better way to communicate, we started thinking. How would you build a phone for the next billion? Let’s take a poll to find out.

Building a phone to hit a low price point but still retaining great features is a tricky task, as inevitably the easiest way to make a product less expensive is to remove something. But what do we consider essential and how much should be left in – if any – for entertainment purposes?

We’ve gathered some features that we’d like you to put together to make the ultimate basic phone, perfect for somebody where even a €35 phone could mean a month’s salary. Remember, this isn’t about sticking in loads of features, it’s about deciding what’s important to people while trying to help them in their everyday lives. It’s also worth pointing out that this is just a hypothetical question, so we’re not actually going to be deciding the fate of the next low-cost phones.

Select four out of the list below.

Thanks for taking part, we’ll count up the results next week.