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March 13, 2011

So, #NokiaNav in Australia…

As you may have seen TomH mention already, the high-octane #NokiaNav event has been taking place in Sydney, Australia over the past few days. Adrian at My Nokia E7 has noticed it all going down (under), suggesting that it might just be one of the best Nokia events he has seen so far…

Unfortunately for Adrian, he’s a little too far away from it all in the city of Perth, but even so, it’s not stopped his imagination.

In a post that’s aptly entitled ‘You’ll Wish You Never Saw This Video‘, Adrian recounts the moment he first heard about #NokiaNav. Dreaming about the adrenaline-inducing rush that would ensue once he realises there’s a hidden car, fitted with a shiny new C7, waiting to be found.

Would you like #NokiaNav to take place in a city near you? Head on over for Adrian‘s full thoughts, as well the full video (I apologise in advance if you wish you never saw it too!)