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GLOBAL – Bringing mobile devices and the Internet to the next billion users is one of the key pillars of Nokia’s business strategy. Having access to mobile technology is firmly linked to wealth and job prospects, equality and even health. But how much of an opportunity is out there and what does it look like? The numbers are sometimes so large that they stop making sense. This is the first of a series of infographics that we’ll be publishing to cast some light on the story.

In short, 86 per cent of the world’s population don’t currently use their phone to access the Internet regularly. That’s almost 6 billion users who don’t use a web-able mobile device and a whopping 3.2 billion people who don’t have a mobile device at all. It’s those markets which Nokia will be addressing.

This is the low-resolution version. There’s also a hi-res version (JPG, 900KB) that you’re welcome to download and use as you wish, provided you do not alter it.

Were you surprised by these figures, or is it pretty much as you thought? Which group do you think will see the most change in the next five years?