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March 15, 2011

Go green, to stop the world feeling blue

GLOBAL – “It’s not easy being green” or so sang Kermit the Frog once upon a time. However, he sang that before there were mobile phones and apps. It’s now easier than you may think as Ovi Store has some apps that give you the chance to help the planet and learn about how the world works, all from your pocket. So, it’s as easy as downloading an app, really.

CO2 Track, £Free

It’s hard to know how much of an impact our everyday lives take on our little home, called Earth. We often grab a bus or jump in the car for short journeys when we could probably walk it in the same amount of time it takes to drive and park up. Carbon footprint is the buzzword and CO2 Track tells you how much of it you’re leaving behind every day. You input the amount of kilometres you drive everyday, or how many bus stops you travel if that’s your mode of transport, what temperature you set your air conditioner, how many hours you use your PC or your TV. The total amount of CO2 used a year is estimated for you at the bottom of the screen as you add more items to your list, navigating to the results section lets you know if you should reduce your carbon footprint or not by showing you if you are below or above the global average CO2 footprint.

Climate Mission, £Free

Learning about anything is usually considered much easier when it’s fun. Climate Mission is a game that takes you around the world as it teaches about the importance of recycling, how farmers in India are using different techniques to help keep their fields and crops cool in the blazing sun and awards you points as you take on different games and challenges on your quest to help save the planet. It’s a great looking game which helps to keep you playing for a long period of time. Calculator, £Free

If you’re finding it difficult to trim those computer hours or just can’t get enough of the weekly omnibus on your TV, you’ll probably be using too much electricity and your footprint may well be too high. If some things are just unavoidable, like using your computer for 8 hours a day for work, then somebody else can help save the world for you by carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting is where a reduction in emissions happens somewhere else, so for example; you use the computer and TV at home which uses electricity, somewhere else in the world is a project to plant a new forest to help tackle the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, which helps rebalance the worlds natural order. This app helps workout your carbon footprint and offers you the chance to donate money to to help in projects across the world that tackle our growing nations carbon emissions.

Have you tried any of these apps yet? If so, don’t forget to let us know what you make of them.