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March 15, 2011

#NokiaNav: A week with a Ferrari F430

Stephen at Tech Guide has just finished a week with a brand new Ferrari F430 as part of his #NokiaNav challenge in Australia. Naturally, he was pretty ecstatic about the whole thing and, as well as having a good old fashioned chat about it on the Two Blogs Talking Tech podcast, has put pen to paper to recount the experience in a little more detail…

Beginning his #NokiaNav journey on foot with nothing but a new Nokia C7 and Ovi Maps, Stephen’s day quickly took an unexpected turn when stumbling across a ‘bright red Ferrari F430 parked by the side of the road’. The rest of his week soon became an amalgamation of pure unadulterated cruising, challenges and testing out the latest Nokia tech (all while inside that Ferrari, of course!) Oh, and there was also a mysteriously locked briefcase in the trunk of his car.

So, it sounds like Stephen pretty much had the best week ever – the lucky dog! He didn’t want to give the supercar back though and, by the sound of things, even his kids will miss it!

Head on over for the full story and to find out exactly what was inside that briefcase…