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March 16, 2011

#NokiaNav: A week with a Porsche (notice a theme here?)

Following yesterday’s post from Stephen Fenech‘s time with a Ferrari, his Two Blogs Talking Tech buddy Trevor reports back from Your Tech Life on his #NokiaNav experience…

Like Stephen, Trevor was also incredibly surprised to discover a brand new #NokiaNav Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible waiting for him, as well as being rather relieved that he didn’t have to get the train back home! A C7 and the latest in-car Nokia tech was also waiting for him, with Trevor using his new toys to fulfill a variety of challenges during the week – from the simple task of “enjoying” it, to some more elaborate ones later on.

Obviously the joy of receiving an expensive supercar is something that ranks pretty high on the happy-scale (yes, I made that scale up), but Trevor was also left feeling really positive about the complimentary Nokia gear. Especially the CK200 Car Kit, which he would love all cards to include in the future.

Although slightly sad about handing it back, Trevor and the gang did get one last chance to trade cars and take them for a spin – he’s convinced he had the best of the bunch, but Stephen disagrees…

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