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GLOBAL – This week’s new addition to the Nokia Beta Labs family is Shoot and Tag. Fed up of making movies on your phone and forgetting where the good bits were? Then find out how to jump to the right scenes in an instant, by reading on.

Shoot and Tag does for home-made movies what HTML links did for web surfing, by creating a simple way of navigating to the correct place with just one click and what’s more, it does it automatically. If – like me – you’re into pulling out your phone to capture those special moments, you’ll appreciate how difficult it can be to find them again – especially if you’ve just filmed 5 minutes of your friend doing the funky chicken on the dance-floor and he falls over half way through.

Here’s Jim Fields from Nokia Research Center demoing Shoot and Tag.

First up, you’ll want to download Shoot and Tag from Beta Labs. Once you’ve installed and launched the app your phone will activate the camera so you can start filming right away, but before you do, note that the usual camera key doesn’t start the recording but the red button on the screen is the key you need to do this. Find your subject for your little feature film, whether it be the inside of your flat, your cat chasing pigeons or a landscape when you’re out sight seeing on holiday. I took some time out to film some landmarks in London earlier and this app automatically tagged each one, making it easy for me to view later.

Once you’ve found something to film, hit the record button and watch the left hand side of the screen as you start to pan and move the camera. When you stop at certain points to capture something happening – the shark tank at the aquarium for example – Shoot and Tag will make a Tag of this event and will continue to add tags at key scenes until you finish your recording, no matter how long it happens to be. Finished filming? Just press stop to wrap it up.

Next on view is the video playback screen with all the tagged scenes stacked on the right, by pressing one of these tags your video will jump to that scene. If you want to watch your movies later, load up the app again and press the movie icon on the camera screen to be taken to your video library. Choosing a video will show you a selection of tags to choose from scrolling at the bottom. Pressing the main video image again will play the entire movie, however double pressing a tag will jump you to that scene.

We think Shoot and Tag is a nice little app that does a good job at capturing scene changes, although it would be nice to see this develop further. Deleting videos could be made easier as you currently need to go into the video player, press options, then edit, select the video and then delete. Long pressing on the video would be much better and quicker. However, having said that, anything from Beta Labs is experimental and is in no way a final product.

Have a go and let us know what you think in the comments below, or at the Beta Labs forum. I’m sure the Beta Labs team would be interested in hearing your thoughts.