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GLOBAL – This week’s been dominated by headlines from SXSW, and we’ve found an extra snippet for this week’s round-up. But what else has been happening around the Web? There’s news of new chat clients and browsers for Symbian users, and improved options for Mac owners. Also new surveys on smartphone use and the nationality of mobile Web users is revealed…

  • Phil’s been keeping you up-to-date with the events taking place at South-by-Southwest this week, but this environmentally friendly human-sized hamster wheel-cum-phone charger seems to be missing from his accounts.
  • As a Mac user, I could do most things that PC users can do with their Nokia devices. Except for installing firmware updates. But now I can. Great news. (Beta software warning).
  • Another release that came this week was a new, more powerful version of the Symbian S60 chat client. News about Chat for Symbian^3 devices “will be forthcoming” says the post on the Ovi Blog, mysteriously.
  • Fans of the Opera web browser will be pleased to hear that version 11 is coming imminently. And for MeeGo devices. [via. MyNokiaBlog]
  • The New York Times highlights a report that smartphone users spend more time with apps than they do with talking or browsing. It’s not entirely clear what constitutes an app, though – does that include email and SMS, for example, or are we only talking downloaded apps? I’d be surprised if the latter was true.
  • Some bad news that we feel obligated to pass on. Until recently, cyber-criminals concentrated their efforts on desktop computer users. But since security on desktops has improved considerably over recent years, it seems as though they’re turning their attention to mobile devices. Be vigilant, folks.
  • And finally, who are the most active users of the mobile Internet? It’s not the US or Europe, but Indonesia, India and Russia, it seems. The findings are based on usage of the Opera Mini web browser, so are slanted somewhat, but it’s an interesting data-point nonetheless.

That’s it for this week. As ever, tips on the links we missed are welcome in the comments.