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March 28, 2011

World Number 1 riding with the Push Snowboarding kit!

The Push Snowboarding team were recently out at the Burton US Open in Stratton Mountain where they were showcasing the kit they’ve developed. ¬†They also offered the public the first chance to test the kit out for themselves. Aside from it being the first opportunity for the public to try the kit, there were still plenty of pro-snowboarders wanting a go. Check the video of TTR ranked world number 1 and Vancouver Winter Olympics halfpipe silver medalist, Peetu Piiroinen, riding the US Open Slopestyle course at Stratton Mountain.

For Peetu Piiroinen’s run we’d like to show you what’s possible for spectators watching the kit in action and what it might tell you about the snowboarder.

Peetu is a pro and undoubtedly knows the US Open courses really well, which is reflected in his heartrate and rush readings throughout the ride. He stays remarkably chilled despite the size of some of the jumps! It’s interesting to see that the final kicker is just kids play for him, whereas the two previous kickers give him a bit of a hard time. Maybe they proved difficult for him in the qualifying runs? What did you learn about Peetu’s ride from watching the video?

Don’t forget, all this week the Push Snowboarding team will be showcasing the creative genius that the community surrounding the project have developed. From new interactive video players and map-mashups, to new application ideas and visualisations, there’s going to be some great inspiration for anyone thinking of getting involved with the project. Remember all of the application source code and datasets are released under open source licensing, so feel free to download them and get creative, whether you’re a snowboarder or not!