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GLOBAL – Downloading apps, games and sticking them all on your homescreen is a nice little way of adding a personal touch. So what about themes for adding personalisation? Believe it or not, we’ve not covered themes before here on Conversations, so we’ve plucked out four of our current favourites from Ovi Store to share.

Themes are tricky, as they can often change things so much that you can spend ages trying to figure out where the settings icon is, or what happened to your email app. So our four themes aren’t hardcore, but change the looks just enough to make your device look different without being too challenging.

SPB Black Theme, £Free

With the title of Black Theme I imagined this to be a little more austere and well, black. But It’s not and I actually like it. If you choose to select the new wallpaper that comes with this theme, you’ll be given a black night sky with a few little stars that just sit there, with no twinkling as that would be off-putting. Most of the icons remain the same as the standard Nokia ones, but there are a few that seem to have changed, such as the clock and notes.

Symbian Phone 7, £Free

If you’ve had the chance to play around with a Windows Phone, you would’ve noticed the layout is quite unique and distinctive. While Live Tiles may not yet be available on a Nokia smartphone, you can now pretend that they are with this theme. It replaces all the standard icons on your Nokia with little blue squares. Fool your friends into thinking you’ve got your hands on a prototype and give this a go.

DigiFlowers, £Free

As far as themes go this one is pretty simple. There’s no major overhaul of your icons which means you don’t have to learn where everything is all over again. The default homescreen is nice with a pretty colourful pattern, that turns into a more muted version as you start browsing through the menu.

NuRed by IND190, £Free

If you like strong bold colours – in particular red – then you may prefer this theme. Your homescreen and the image that sits behind your menus change to bright red, but have a gradient to the bottom of the screen turning it slightly darker. It looks as if the theme-makers here were inspired by pictures of the new UI that’s coming to Symbian devices.

Finding a theme that’s suitable for everybody isn’t easy, as it’s all about personal taste. Fortunately, there are hundreds to choose from. Do you like the themes above, or would you recommend any others from Ovi Store? Do let us know.