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March 31, 2011

10 cool things that happened in March

Trying to pick the top 10 cool things from March was no easy feat. Given the amount of cool crazy tech that has happened over the month, it took a while to pick our favourites, but we finally got there!

So, sit back and enjoy the highlights from the month that I shall now name March Madness…

We started off the month by looking at some of the world’s best Nokia concept phones. There are some mind-blowing designs in there, perhaps some of which will make it into our pockets at some point in the future. On the subject, watch out for what may be a follow-up post coming this week 😉

For those of you not sure what kind of Nokia fan you are, 7 signs you are a Nokia fan boy (or girl) outlined some of the extremes our fans are willing to go to – some great stories in this post!

Green was yet again a big theme this month, not only in one of our wr-app up posts, but at South by Southwest as the GreenZoners ran their phones to full battery in our giant 18ft hamster wheel and cycled themselves into a frenzy on the phone charging eco-bikes. We also our environmental journey up until this point.

That was just scratching at the surface for what was happening at South by Southwest as we went all black tie for Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film Source Code, at the Nokia sponsored opening party, and Push Snowboarding discussed some of the cool new technology they’ve been working on.

Those Angry Birds didn’t want to miss out on all the fun either, featuring in their very own 3D spectacular on a 200ft wall. As if that wasn’t enough, the Angry Birds championships were held in Finland last week and we caught up with one of the hosts to find out a little bit more about what had been going on!

Last but by no means least, was the showcase of the fantastic winning N8 Producers Zero Gravity video – in all its weightless glory!