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GLOBAL – As far as mobile tech goes, nothing quite beats the remote control helicopter. Place it on the ground, rev up the engine and watch the rotors spin as it lifts itself off the ground at your command. But now imagine it’s your Nokia N8 controlling the helicopter. Imagine no more, AR. Drone from Ovi Store turns this into a reality.

The AR. Drone is a quadrocopter – an aircraft that is powered by four rotors – made by Parrot, which connects to a controller using WiFi. It also has two cameras on-board which allow you to see what the drone sees right from the screen on your phone.

The AR. Drone app from Ovi Store has been created by the team over at Forum Nokia using the AR.Drone API and Qt. Even though this is available through Ovi Store as a working app, the guys at Forum Nokia offer the source code so you can make changes or add anything you feel is missing. It’s a bit like a developers playground.

Here’s Niels Kjelstru, Product Manager from Nokia showing the AR.Drone in action on a Nokia N8.

For those not able to program or make apps (that includes us) just download the app in its current version and pair up your AR.Drone – if you have one, of course – and start flying that quadrocopter for hours of fun.

Have you got one an AR.Drone? Download the AR.Drone app from Ovi Store for free and tell us what you think of it. Currently available for the Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and the Nokia E7.