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LONDON, UK – Launched in 2009, The Social Innovation Awards, hosted by, is targeted at rewarding companies for their commitment to sustainability and efforts for a more socially conscious future. At this year’s event, on March 25, Nokia won the Most Strategic Use of Philanthropic Funds award. Great news.

So how does one win a Social Innovation Award? Well, companies highlight their latest practical applications for advancing social and environmental responsibility and innovation through their organisation and Justmeans make a judgement as to who’s doing the most or best.

On March 25th, Nokia was awarded the Most Strategic Use of Philanthropic Funds, ahead of stiff competition from Nature’s Path Foods, Oracle Corporation and Barclays PLC.

There are projects spanning the entire globe, so it’s a delight that Nokia has been recognised for its efforts. Projects such as Nokia Data Gathering help other organisations collect data using only a Nokia phone instead of paper forms, PDAs or laptops, which makes collecting important information much easier when out in the field in remote areas.

One such project is taking place in Manaus, Brazil where health agents are tackling the spread of dengue fever and using a mobile phone to collect the data, resulting with the information being sent back to the headquarters immediately rather then the several months it used to take using traditional methods. Acting immediately in these situations could save the lives of many, and with the added benefit of GPS on Nokia phones, this makes the recording of information much more precise so help is on hand.

Take a look at the Nokia Data Gathering site for information on other similar projects.

image credit: EvelynGiggles

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