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April 1, 2011

Are smartphones making us smarter?

There is no question that the internet changed the way we learn. We no longer had to be reliant on libraries full of books to research a topic. We didn’t have to be confined to the physical classroom, when the classroom could come to whatever room we chose to be in.

Mobile has now taken all of the internet’s power and put it in your pocket. And that means we can find, share, discuss, create and edit anywhere.

Students today are digital natives who don’t think twice about using technology to learn. After all, mobiles offer seamless connectivity to a whole world of knowledge and people that will have the answers.


Finding out what matters

We are more connected than we have ever been. But does the fact that we can find what we’re looking for at the touch of a button make us great ‘finders’ rather than learners?

There is definitely an argument that we have become passive in the research and learning process. It’s incredibly easy to type a few words into Google and get an accurate answer or, at least, access the most relevant article you need to find it. It goes without saying that technology has started to do the hard work for us.

It’s not as negative as it sounds though. Human beings are naturally curious. That means we will always seek out new information and ways to understand the world around us.

And the great thing is that mobile allows us to do that perfectly. Whatever our hearts desire to learn about, we can learn it – anywhere we want to.

Mobiles making a difference

Nokia has been running a successful Mobile Learning for Mathematics project in South Africa since 2008. The educational service allows students to access content on the most basic and advanced phones. Importantly, it gives them access to content in both rural and urban communities – making the phone an invaluable tool for learning.

Looking for knowledge?

We know that you’re a information-hungry group of people out there. So here are 2 apps in the Ovi Store for your phones that will help you become a little bit smarter:

Wikipedia – the ‘complete’ online encyclopedia made for the people, by the people. Covering everything from science to history, sport to celebrity, Wikipedia provides an insight into pretty much anything you can think of. Without a doubt, one of the most useful resources on the web.

wikiHow – a bit like Wikipedia, but for general knowledge enthusiasts. Do you want to know how to make a girl laugh? Maybe you want to know how to change the headlight bulb on your car? wikiHow is the ideal app to help you find out.