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GLOBAL РFrom the great minds of the Nokia Research Center and delivered by Nokia Beta Labs comes the latest app that is designed to make your phone stand out from the others, in a subtle but useful way. Nokia Sleeping Screen removes the standard screensavers on new Symbian devices and replaces it with a new one. Read on to find out more.

When you first install Nokia Sleeping Screen you get the impression that this is a simple app, and it is. There are no high-def enhancements, or fancy surround-sound effects as you navigate from screen to screen. This app changes the standard digital or analogue clock that you use as a screensaver into a clock made up of very tiny – low res – dots, that change as the time does.

Once installed, navigate to the Sleeping Screen settings through the menu (Settings > Themes > Screen saver > Sleeping Screen), where you’ll see a selection of eight different screen savers. Each one has a different style and shows you a different image when it’s in use. The last image – number nine – is your night Sleeping Screen which can be timed to activate at any time you desire. This is perfect for when you go to bed and want a regular bedside clock during the night, without being blinding enough to wake you from your half-sleep.

Once the you’ve set the theme you want to use, exit from the settings and activate the keylock. It’s here you’ll notice the regular screen saver has been replaced with Sleeping Screen. From minute to minute, the clock will change and so will the image on the screen.

If you receive a text message, a swirly animation followed by an envelope icon will appear on your screen. Plug your phone into charge, another swirly animation occurs, but this time with a large battery icon to show you it’s charging. As these are all low-res images with few bright lights coming from your screen, it doesn’t compromise your battery life either.

Here’s Nokia Sleeping Screen in action.

For anybody with a Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7, you can download this from Nokia Beta Labs, for free. Tell us what you think of Nokia Sleeping Screen, below.