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ESPOO, Finland – Today is a special day for the Conversations team as we launch the fourth site in our family, Nokia Ääni, which will be published in Finnish. As you know, Nokia is a Finnish company and so are a large number of our readers. It’s high time they had their own version of the blog. Read on for more information.

Finns are the fourth largest nationality among Conversations readers. Given that there’s only 5.3 million people in the country, that makes it the highest readership-per-capita in the world by a long way. Nokia’s Finnish heritage and key place in the country’s economy made it a natural choice for our next language edition.

In addition, a lot of Nokia’s activities at home don’t make it onto the English language edition, but they will certainly be reported on Nokia Ääni. At least half of the stories on the site will be locally sourced and reported, though it will also carry all the major announcements we report here.

Site editor Heidi Lemmetyinen told us: “We’re really delighted to be launching a Finnish version of Nokia Conversations. It helps us reaffirm Nokia’s commitment to and identity with the country, and report on locally relevant events and affairs to a far greater extent than the English-language site. We also think it’s really important that Finns get to talk with one of their leading companies in their own language.”

Like this site, Nokia Ääni will be a place for conversations and debate. It’s as much about being able to listen to people who care about Nokia, and get feedback on what we’re doing, as it is a place for us to tell you about the company’s news. Non-Finns probably don’t know it, but “Ääni” means ‘sound’, ‘voice’ or ‘vote’ – and your voice and vote matters.

If you’re a Finnish speaker, do please take a look at Ääni, put it in your bookmarks, and let us – and them – know what you think.