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ESPOO, Finland – About 2,500 people work in the Nokia HQ in Keilalahti, Espoo, Finland. In addition to the office spaces, the building packs two cafeterias, a coffee shop, a post office, a laundry, a health clinic, a cashpoint, a gym, a shop that sells Nokia merchandise, as well as several saunas. Join us on a guided tour of some of the sights. [Many thanks to Heidi from our new sister site in Finland for the story and pictures – Ian].

In the company slang, Nokia House is called NoHo, although some people also like to call it PowerPoint Palace, thanks to the company’s most popular form of communication. Nokia House is one of the most international workplaces in Finland; at least 60 different nationalities work here. The official working language is English, but you can also hear Finnish, Swedish and a mix of various other languages around you.

Nokia House is home to many support functions like sales, marketing, communication, HR and legal. This is probably why there are more women working in Keilalahti than at most other Nokia sites.

1IMG 0121

There is no dress code and the Finns are generally quite relaxed in their attire. You can bump into all kinds of styles from sharp business suits to scruffy tracksuit pants to trendy hipsters (who more often than not tend to work in Nokia Design).

Nokia House is located by the seaside and depending on where you happen to sit, you can admire either a gorgeous seaview or a congested motorway from its large windows. The majority of staff sit in open-plan offices and squabble over meeting rooms – there are never enough available!

If you hear the siren call of a bar or a pub, you need to head off towards downtown Helsinki, as there is absolutely nowhere to quench your thirst around Nokia House. This is probably why we don’t go out for drinks after work very often (which might – of course – be a positive thing, depending on your viewpoint).

More photo evidence below!

View from the main reception.


We suspect the frozen ship is a spyboat.

3IMG 0096

Lunches are hearty and fattening.

4IMG 0006

The Nokia Design hipsters have a fancy lounge.

5IMG 0030

Lunch break time!

6IMG 9998

The architecture in Nokia House is quite nice.

7IMG 0003

If you get frustrated by work, go and grab some boxing gloves downstairs!

8IMG 0021

Conclusive proof of our green work environment.

9IMG 0027

This is where we get our afternoon caffeine fix.

AIMG 0042

Cappuccino saves the day.

BIMG 0076

A trip down memory lane.

CIMG 0087

Contrary to what the BBC recently suggested, the saunas are (unfortunately!) not used very often.

DIMG 0091

If you want to buy things that say ‘Nokia’, this is the place to shop!

EIMG 0107

You can chill out in these nice chairs while waiting for your meeting room to be free.

FIMG 9999

This is where the real work is done. My cubicle is about 200 times messier than anyone else’s!

GIMG 0138

Folks who work in Nokia House or have visited it – did I forget anything essential?

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