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April 8, 2011

What type of Nokia personality are you?

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A while back we took a look at what makes you that most fanatical of Nokia phone users, the Nokia fan boy (or girl). Clearly not everyone who owns a Nokia is loved up enough to want a N97 tattoo. So what about other Nokia personalities? We did a little of our own very unscientific research, and discovered four very distinct types of people who have very different relationships with their Nokia phones.

The Early Adopter

If you ticked off the days and months before the launch of the Nokia N8, or queued up outside your local Nokia dealer, or preordered, you’re likely be an early adopter. It was you who helped the Nokia N8 become Nokia’s most preordered smartphone ever, and it will be you that will help the next Nseries device be a success too. You start dreaming about an upgrade almost as soon as you’ve unboxed your latest device. A lover of technology for technology’s sake, you admire new form factors and new features. Quite simply, you love living in the future.


The Hoarder

The Nokia hoarder owns at least one of every Nokia device ever made. Sometimes more. They love the technology so much that they simply can’t bear to part with these fantastic phones. These are the sort of people who will have a brand new Nokia N8 sitting beside a Nokia 1100 and happily still use both. Hoarders have real problems giving up their devices, but help is at hand with Nokia’s more than 5000 thousand recycling points, worldwide. Go on. Get rid of a device. We dare you!


The Perfectionist

For the perfectionist buying a Nokia device is the culmination of a long journey. They’re not that bothered about how big a screen a device has or how many megapixels the camera has, or what sort of apps come preinstalled. They want a phone that is perfectly tailored to their needs. It may take weeks of painstaking research to find the perfect phone, and once they have their dream model, they put just as much effort into keeping it in pristine condition. They do everything in their power to get the best and want to keep it that way. If you see someone with a mobile phone carry case, you can guarantee they’re a perfectionist.

The Practicalist

The practicalist understands that they need a Nokia phone, but they don’t make a big deal about it. For them, a Nokia phone isn’t a thing of beauty or amazing technology, it’s a simple necessity. They probably have a phone that’s a few years old and have yet to figure out if a Nokia N8 even remotely interests them. Typically, they’ll get their old phone repaired rather than have to face the mammoth task of finding another Nokia device from the dozens available. They consider people who get excited about apps or who video themselves unboxing the latest Nokia device as bizarre as fully costumed Trekkies.

Any of these sound familiar or do you fit into an entirely new category? If so, we’d love to hear about your Nokia habits.