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April 14, 2011

Last chance for Nokia Shorts 2011

As the submission deadline for Nokia Shorts 2011 approaches, there’s still time for a last look at New York and a last opportunity to enter. Be inspired, get involved and good luck!

Being present in the moment, at any moment; that’s the promise of mobile filmmaking. When Nseries Blog visited New York to speak with Blake Whitman, Vimeo’s Vice President of Creative Development, on the state of mobile filmmaking and making mobile movies in New York, he spoke enthusiastically about the opportunity that mobile HD cameras offer.

In his second homage to Vimeo’s home town, filmmaker Sami Joensuu takes his Nokia N8 for a last, lingering look at New York City. Shot on Nokia N8.

At the moment we say farewell, winter is receding. In Leaving New York, Sami Joensuu captures the light and shade of the shifting seasons and a feeling that our eyes are lingering a little longer as we look for the last time. We see the bold outline of Manhattan’s skyline and the steady stream of yellow traffic we expect, but we also glimpse the tiny details we might miss: a street cleaner at work, a chance reflection in a puddle as we pause. This gentle film captures some of the small moments that occur in the shadow of a big city.

If you have a moment to share or a story to tell, pitch it to Nokia Shorts 2011. This joint production with Vimeo awards innovation in mobile filmmaking. Eight filmmakers’ mobile movies will premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival, with the Nokia Shorts 2011 Jury Prize & $10,000 cash going to the best mobile motion picture. Pitch your idea by 17th April.