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ESPOO, Finland – People increasingly consider environmental issues when thinking about replacing a product with a new one. How do manufacturers differ in production methods? What standards and other requirements do they consider in planning? What type of raw materials do they use? How can the product be recycled at the end of its life? In addition to environmental concerns, users have needs and wants related to product functionality, properties and durability. How does this all add up?

Nokia has always taken environmental issues seriously. We have introduced many eco-innovations, as well as other improvements, to promote change. Learn more about how Nokia recycles materials for energy production and other purposes, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, decreases the size of its product packages and reduces the energy consumption of chargers, to name just a few examples. All of Nokia’s production plants have environmental certification, and all phones have a product-specific Eco Declaration.

What is your take on environmental issues? How much do they mean to you? In your opinion, how well do manufacturers consider the environment in their planning and production? Would you like to discuss these issues more when selecting a new product? Let us know in the comments!