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April 26, 2011

Push N8 – A recap


Push N8 is a project that continues the story of the two original Push N900 hacks, creating more polished, limited-run Nokia N8 prototype accessories. These were then given to those who submitted the most creative ideas of how to showcase their capabilities. The prototypes demonstrate the power of the device, its award winning imaging capabilities, the openness of Symbian and the amazing creativity of the community surrounding the project.

A reminder of the prototypes:

Push Skating – a trick-tracking skateboard that measures your tricks in real-life, sending data from the skateboard to the Nokia N8, which then processes the data and awards the user points per trick.  Think Tony Hawk’s video games, but in real life!

Push KAPing – a motorised rig suspended from a kite that houses a Nokia N8, controlled wirelessly by a second device on the ground. Utilising the power of the N8 and the amazing image capture of the 12MP camera, the Push KAPing rig is capable of capturing HD footage from the sky streaming what is seen from the kite rig back down to the ground where the images and video are captured.  Think a remote control floating camera rig, only this is controlled by a phone and it’s hanging from a kite.


What’s been happening?

The Push N8 teams have begun the production of their ideas using the kite aerial photography rig and the trick-tracking skateboard prototypes.

We sent each of the teams their highly limited Push Skating and Push KAPing prototypes!

And each of the teams have since been updating us on their pre-production and preparations during the last few months: TOTZ LOLZ are excited about filming the London skyline, Long Distance SKATE have completed their location shoots in Paris and LondonPaint SKATE teased us with some footage they’ve already shot

Str8 SKATE loved receiving the Push Skating prototypes and should have completed their competition by the time you’re reading this…

What’s next?

Now the finish line is nearly in sight for the teams! Over the coming weeks we’ll be seeing the first in a series of 8 films produced by the teams, each showcasing their original ideas, and maybe even a few added extras! So stay tuned to the Push N8 blog for all the latest updates!