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GLOBAL – Some people like to download games, some like to download apps, or even music. But there are loads of you out there who love nothing better than giving your device a makeover with a fresh lick of (theme) paint. We’ve rounded up three cracking, free, themes for Nokia N8, from Ovi Store.

Angry Shark, £Free

Sharks are angry predators at the top of their food chain, and this theme sets a great white shark as your wallpaper that just sits there, looking menacingly at you as it floats in the sea. Nearly all the icons in the phone’s menu have been altered dramatically to bright colourful ones and although they’ve been changed, you can still easily tell what the icons are so you don’t get lost. This is a nice theme but we will say one thing. Besides the shark, there’s not much else that looks angry – the rest of it is actually rather nice.

Dark Green Wood, £Free

If you like you’re Nokia to appear a little less colourful, then Dark Green Wood may be for you. Your wallpaper will be transformed into what looks like a rugged, dark piece of splintery wood. Something you may find in a log cabin in the middle of a spooky forest. Again, the icon sets have all been given a facelift which are now grey in colour but with a green outline to help make them stand out from the dark background.

DeepBlu, £Free

Probably my favourite of the three, DeepBlu’s icon changes and gradient blue wallpaper make for an easy-on-the-eye theme. Although the icons have been changed they’ve not messed about with them to the extent that it starts to look fiddly or confusing. It’s nice and clean looking, but has been changed just the right amount to give it a unique look.

If you fancy a change from your usual themes, download these for free from Ovi Store or share your favourites in the comments below. We’d also like to know if you’ve spotted any others from Ovi Store that are worth mentioning.