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GLOBAL – After yesterday’s news, we know you’ve got some questions about Nokia’s plans to transfer Symbian software activities to Accenture, Nokia’s next steps and the Comprehensive Social Responsibility program for employees and communities. So we’ve rounded up some of the questions you’ve been asking to help being you some clarity.

Does Nokia still dictate what features, UI design, etc. Symbian is going to have or is that in Accenture’s hands now? (Comment)

Yes, Nokia still dictates the features and UI design for Symbian, the team at Accenture will be responsible for executing that vision and roadmap.

How will this outsourcing to Accenture affect the future releases of Symbian software such as Anna? Will there be delays? (Comment)

The plan for future software releases are still on schedule, they are not affected by recent events.

If Symbian were to be successful in the upcoming years, will Nokia consider going back to Symbian as a main platform? (Comment)

In order to build the best smartphones and best smartphone ecosystem on the planet, Nokia is committed to the Windows Phone platform going forward.

When Nokia acquired Symbian, you said “This is the way forward”. Today with this collaboration with Microsoft, you are again saying “This is the way forward”. Why should we believe you? (Comment)

Technology moves at a fast pace and as times change, companies need to move with them. Nokia is determined to build the best smartphones and we believe the best way to do so right now is with the Windows Phone platform.

When will Symbian activities be moved to Accenture? (Comment)

The transfer is planned for completion during the last quarter of 2011.

After all these steps, I still can’t see where Nokia is going. I can’t see the vision or the special trend that can carry Nokia forward. (Comment)

The vision is to:
Create the best smartphones in the world using the Windows Phone platform, and to deliver the next 150 million Symbian devices.
Connect the next billion consumers to the internet.
Create future disruptions in the industry.

What about Qt and MeeGo, where will they be developed? (Comment)
Nokia’s Qt an MeeGo programs will continue to be developed in-house at Nokia, it’s only Symbian which is moving to Accenture.

    We hope this answers some of your questions but if there is anything we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below.

    Image credit: pbuergler