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PORTLAND, OR, United States – Nokia Conversations welcomes its first ever US correspondent to the team. Jason Harris will be reporting on hot topics from the States, the latest software to emerge from the Valley and throwing in his own wit and wisdom into the mix. To find out more about where he’s come from and what he’s up to, read on after the break.

You may already know Jason from his deservedly popular technology blog, Techcraver. He describes himself there as:

…a technology writer, community manager and mobile enthusiast. I am also a tech radio reporter, appearing on a nationally syndicated radio program.

I focus on the fields of mobile hardware and apps, consumer electronics, and hardware/software.

As well as working as a writer and reporter, Jason is also a qualified coder and has been working in technology for 16 years.

For you, our readers, it means more articles every week, a richer, more-mixed diet and a West Coast twang to proceedings. Look forward to the first of Jason’s articles appearing later this week.